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Reasons for the color difference of artificial turf

  Affect the quality of artificial turf there are many links, causing many problems, including color is a common artificial turf quality problems, and color also has a variety of ways. The main reason for the color difference is not satisfied that the raw material of grass or straw production line equipment is not up to standard, or in the production process is not up to standard.

  1.Excessive material does not produce color. When the new material is replaced, the remaining material in the screw is not cleaned up. The two phases are mixed so that the composition of the part and the configuration of the part deviate. The color of grass mixed with the new material will be different.

  2.Straight color multi-root color. Refers to the few strands of grass between the strands themselves there is color, usually due to the drawing process in the grass, spinneret mouth, tension, traction roller and other aspects of the link may result in problems.

  3.Caulis spikes have a visual chromatic aberration. Grass slipping is generally due to inconsistencies in the contraction rate of straight grass. The shrinkage of the grass can be achieved by adjusting the drawing oven temperature, the setting oven temperature, and the annealing ratio.

  4.Quilts uneven color. Uneven curvature of the grass will cause artificial turf uneven surface, uneven, resulting in visual color. Qu curved grass curvature must be uniform, which requires drawing process and formula reasonable, Qu Kuji temperature, pressure stability.

  5.Twist to the twist caused by improper color. Twisting twisting of grass yarn Twisting a twist, the number of twists within the unit length called twist, and twisting refers to the grass twisting, sliver fiber showing the direction of tilt. The artificial grass silk twisting has a greater impact on the appearance of artificial turf.

  6.Blanket is wrinkled, blanket folds produce color. Folds are generally caused by the drying of the base cloth when the humidity does not meet the standard, blankets are also caused by wrinkles blanket folds, and other improper winding grass will also cause wrinkled carpet surface fold.

  7.Different batches of raw materials produced artificial turf products, paving the same site may have color. Different batches of raw materials are often not exactly the same, generally have different levels of difference, which will result in grass color differences.

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