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Different leisure artificial turf stitching attention points

  It takes a certain time for the construction of artificial artificial turf. In the specific construction process, we must first apply enough glue on the surface of the turf, and it can not be applied repeatedly, because the thickness is too high, it will affect it. Use, at the same time to do the bonding work, to ensure that the pressure at that time, including the overall temperature is very suitable for construction, if the weather is not very good, encountered a strong wind or heavy rain, you can delay a period Time, because the glue will cause degumming between the glue and the lawn, which will not only affect the installation effect, but also may cause quality problems, so it is still necessary to carry out the construction when the weather is fine, because the glue dries faster at this time, and also Let us finish as soon as possible. If the outdoor temperature is relatively low, you can use hot water to warm it first.

  Wait until it reaches a temperature of about 20 degrees, which is a suitable temperature. When we are splicing different artificial turf, we must ensure that the position of their splicing is very flat. There is not a lot of protruding or recessed places. The surface of the turf is not watery. You can put it outside for a while. After the surface of the water is completely dried, the construction is carried out. What we need to do in the early stage is the measurement work. We must control it within a relatively small error range. Because there is still a large area measurement in itself, we can buy the whole area relatively large, but we cannot Too small, because the connection between the various turf still needs to consider many factors.

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