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Landscape artificial turf has flame retardant function

  Any product has a lifespan, artificial turf is the same, and usually 8 to 10 years. However, if the artificial turf or the artificial turf cannot be used properly, it will not reach such a service life.

  Kindergarten artificial turf is mostly used outdoors, and it will be exposed to the sun and rain for a long time, plus its high frequency of use and the surrounding environment. After a long time, it is bound to change, thus shortening its service life.

  Therefore, only the regular maintenance of artificial turf will last longer. Although most of the artificial turfs now have flame retardant functions, it is inevitable that they will encounter poor quality sites with poor performance and safety hazards; and in the case of excessive temperature, especially in the case of open flames, the grass of the landscape artificial turf will Gradually melted. Therefore, pay attention to prevent fireworks and high temperatures.

  Under normal circumstances, all kinds of dust in the air do not need to be deliberately cleaned, and natural rainwater can play a washing role. However, as an artificial turf sports venue, such an ideal state is rare. It is necessary to clean up various residues on the turf in time to avoid damage to the site.

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