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  There are two kinds of situations when the warping problem appears in the lawn, one is the warping in the construction, the other is the warping in the use of the process. The former is easier to solve, because the construction is not completed, the latter is more trouble, because has been completed, in the use of the process is very troublesome rework.

  The reason why it is easier to say in the process of artificial turf construction is that it can be reworked at any time. At this time there are two reasons for warping, one is the daub glue less, stick and not solid warping, and two glue after drying too long lead to warping. This should pay attention to daub glue should be moderate, the amount should not be too large, of course not too little, too much drying time, at the same time in rare cases will also cause warping. After coating glue, let dry about five to ten minutes, you can also try the first piece of glue and the strength in the glue. In general, when the strength is strong and difficult to pull open, and you can see that there is glue after drawing phenomenon can be sticky and. This time the gelatinize surface is not the flow of glue, has been almost dried.

  The appearance of warped edges in used areas is a major headache, and the maintenance is a major hassle. This involves cleaning out the filled quartz sand and rubber particles, then wiping the soil under the artificial turf until it sticks together, then filling in the quartz sand with rubber particles It is very difficult to connect closely with the original. So in the construction of the time must pay attention to, seriously, to achieve a success.

  Gold Moon version of the mosaic, to solve the installation of improper operation caused by the warping phenomenon. During the installation process, you only need to splice the two lawn locks together and press the button firmly. It's efficient and timesaving.

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