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How to choose a safe artificial turf

  The woven artificial turf is mainly made of synthetic grass-like synthetic fibers, which are implanted in a woven base fabric and coated with a fixing coating on the back surface to form an artificial turf like a natural lawn.

  Regarding the safety standards of these two types of artificial turf, the first is the detection of toxic substances in the lawn, and the products do not contain heavy metals. In general, a properly designed artificial turf can provide security because its cushion has perfect impact and reduces damage to the human body.

  The artificial turf is tested by a third-party testing agency to confirm that it meets the testing standards, and the antibacterial and mildew resistance level can meet the standards required by the state. Such artificial turf can only play an antibacterial and anti-mildew role when used, avoiding bacterial infection and providing a safe and comfortable environment.

  Not only the anti-mildew grade of artificial turf should reach the standard, but also its fire retardant and anti-aging properties should meet the needs of the application. The artificial turf with very high flame-resistance safety level can effectively reduce the incidence of fire. At the same time, the imported environmental anti-aging agent is not only harmless to the human body, but also can make the turf have a longer service life.

  Golden Moon artificial turf to protect the health of you and your family, please feel free to use it.

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