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Free-filled artificial turf

  Implant-free artificial turf, as its name implies, is an artificial turf that does not need to be filled with quartz sand and rubber granules. Most of the artificial turf that we can see in normal times is a filled artificial turf field, and more artificial kindergartens and hotels are available. And caged football pitches.

  For the rubber particles of the filled artificial turf, if there is a person who has kicked the ball, they will basically understand, especially when the weather is hot in summer, there will be an unpleasant smell, which has a great influence on the respiratory tract of children or adults. Moreover, the filling particles keep the straightness of the grass, so the particles we fill are all on the grass surface layer, and there will be a lot of particles in the shoes after a game. Another function of the filler particles is to increase the elasticity of the site. However, the ratio of the domestic lawn filler particles to the quartz sand is not filled according to the FIFA standard. There will be some moisture. For example, the normal standard is 8KG rubber particles + 20KG quartz sand per square meter. However, the actual operation will reduce the proportion of rubber particles and quartz sand accordingly, so that the filling amount of the rubber particles is insufficient, so that the elasticity of the site is insufficient, and the protection function is not obtained. There is no such problem without filling the artificial turf, which not only protects but also reduces the budget for filling the excipients.

  The free-filled artificial turf is not enough to replace the traditional artificial turf. The standard unfilled artificial turf system is SEPP cushion plus free-filled artificial grass, which can be directly paved. The SEPP cushion is also convenient for button-laying. Compared with the traditional artificial turf system, the artificial turf system is more suitable for safety. Also known as the artificial turf of the recent natural grass football field.

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