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How to judge the artificial aging of the lawn

The phenomenon that the artificial turf is aging during use is also a normal situation, and the golden moon lawn gives an analysis:

1. The grass fiber appeared fluffing, pilling and chalking

This is also one of the most obvious features for judging the aging of artificial turf. This problem occurs in the process of using Golden Moon artificial turf in football field. Some school venues with high frequency of use are the most obvious. High-intensity competition and long-term use have greatly accelerated. The service life of artificial turf, if the quality of the diamond monofilament is better, the wear resistance is relatively better, and the occurrence of fluffing and pilling will be less.

2. The grass fiber falls off from the rubber

This is also a relatively obvious aging characteristic, which causes the grass fiber shedding of the artificial turf to have a certain relationship with the production process, the base fabric and the glue quality. These qualities directly affect the service life of the artificial turf and accelerate the aging speed.

3. Grass fiber appears faded, faded

There are several reasons for the fading of artificial turfgrass fibers. One is that the quality of grass fibers is unqualified, such as anti-aging agents and production processes are poor; the second is environmental factors, such as strong ultraviolet radiation in some areas, acid rain corrosion, industrial Pollution, etc.; the third is the quality of the filled excipients, which pollute the lawn and cause the grass fibers to fade and fade.

4. The artificial turf bottom cloth appears corrupt

Corrosion of the base fabric is the most basic feature of artificial turf aging. Generally, the base fabric is made of PP bottom. The football field is exposed to the sun and rain outdoors. The long-term use will also cause the base fabric to crack, plus some site foundation drainage. Poor, the base cloth is soaked in water for a long time, which will cause the base cloth to be corroded.

5. Artificial turf spelling interface gap is getting bigger and bigger

Everyone knows that the connection between the lawns is spliced by the connection, and the special artificial turf glue is glued, but after all, the raw material of the artificial turf is PE, plus the long time stepping on and using, the gap of the splicing is getting bigger and normal. Happening. It is also an embodiment of the aging of artificial turf.

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