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  After installing the artificial turf, it takes at least two weeks to stabilize the grass fibers. Although the sports meeting can be held within two weeks, heavy equipment and unnecessary vehicles are not allowed to enter the sports field. Reduce the number of cleanings as much as possible during the stable time, especially at high temperatures. In addition, it takes several weeks for artificial turf to give full play to its best sports performance. During this period, not only the grass fiber is required to remain stable, but also the proper filling of particles is required to achieve a long-term ideal state.

  Artificial lawn cleaning and purification. Rain water is the best cleaning agent for artificial grass. Rainwater gently cleans dust, pollen and other pollutants in the air from grass fibers.

  Artificial turf should avoid the following problems

  1. Put enough trash cans to avoid overflowing trash

  2. Provide special parking channels to reduce dirt and car marks on the sports field

  3. Emphasize a smoke-free environment. If possible, it is recommended to use chewing gum similar to cigarettes

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