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  Kindergarten artificial turf standards must meet the following aspects: 1. Non-toxic substances; 2. Lawn mats must have perfect impact absorption; 3. Antibacterial and mildew resistance; 4. Fire and flame retardant; 5. Anti-aging, can Will not cause white pollution. 6. The breaking force of the grass yarn is required to be >= 120N to prevent children from pulling it out.

  1. After the artificial turf arrives in the kindergarten, please do not rush to cut, spread out all the turf and leave it for at least 24 hours to completely release the stress generated during the production and transportation of the artificial turf and adapt the turf to the thermal expansion and contraction of the new environment, such as paving The back seam is too large.

  2. When pruning, please make sure that the direction of the artificial turf in the whole kindergarten is the same, otherwise there will be obvious color difference.

  3. When cutting artificial turf, it is easier to turn the turf and cut from the back.

  4. When cutting artificial turf, do not pursue a good cutter. It is best to cut a bit larger first, and then trim the edges a bit to avoid excessive gaps after cutting. You can only go to work if you work slowly.

  5. There is no need to apply glue at the joint between the joint belt and the cement floor, thus saving glue. At the same time, the suspended state of the lawn facilitates drainage and release of displacement caused by thermal expansion and contraction in use.

  6. When applying glue, be careful not to apply glue on the grass, otherwise the seams will be more obvious.

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