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How to lay artificial grass turf

  The laying of artificial grass turf is actually very easy. Simply put, it is scraped flat, cut to specifications, and just stick the edges. When laying the thick bottom, the reverse side of the lawn does not need to be bonded overall. The well-known brand lawn has very good leveling maintenance and overall compressive strength. Only the interface of the two lawns needs to be unsealed by the manufacturer on the reverse side. Just stick it. If the lawn is suspended as a whole, bonding is not necessary. For example, if the lawn is connected to a free area, the back edge of the lawn must be glued to the pavement immediately to avoid frequent kicks and overturns and people falling down. For the laying of complicated parts such as indoor stairs, walls and flower stands, all the back sides of the lawn must be glued and fully glued. Special tools only need soft brushes, paper cutters, and water scoops. Relevant glue can be purchased in tool stores such as garden stores.

  The special glue for artificial grass turf can have a fixed bonding effect during the whole process of laying. Golden Moon artificial grass turf recommends that special glue for artificial grass turf should be used on cement ground, which has strong adhesion to plastic products and has strict moisture resistance. According to this type of glue, the turf bonded by this type of glue is not only strong and long-lived, but also resistant to moisture. In addition to compressive strength and abrasion resistance, there are no seam marks on the exterior. It is a necessary auxiliary product for the construction and laying of artificial grass turf.

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