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How to maintain artificial turf in winter

  The maintenance of artificial turf in winter is also very important. Especially in the snowy season, a lot of snow is covered on the lawn, which will definitely affect the lawn. Because of the snow, the artificial turf is easy to fold. In such artificial turf field, the activities of the personnel should be minimized, because the grass will be easily broken, which will affect the overall service life of the lawn, and the relevant sports activities will be carried out after the snow on the lawn is melted as much as possible.

  How should the snow on the artificial turf be cleaned? The long-term snow will be pressed to the grass, so clean it as soon as possible when the snow falls on the lawn to avoid squeezing the grass, caused by long-term snow. The freezing will have different effects on the grass, which will affect the service life of the lawn.

  The bottom of the artificial turf has drainage holes. When the snow melts, it will drain water from the drainage holes. Therefore, the foundation of the turf must have drainage capacity, pay attention to the angle of the foundation and the treatment of the drainage ditch.

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