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Refractory artificial turf

  An artificial turf system comprising a flame retardant material associated with and interspersed with a filler material and between individual fibers. While the flame retardant material behaves throughout the filler, other aspects, such as all or greater concentrations at or near a particular level within the filler (e.g., near or above the filler) are also contemplated. Indeed, in another preferred embodiment, the flame retardant material may in fact contain most or all of the actual filler material for fire safety, and the required playability typically associated with conventional filler materials. The dual role.

  If there is a fire on the artificial turf system, the encapsulating material will melt at or near the fire, exposing the flame retardant material to the flame - a function to extinguish the flame. Indeed, as the encapsulating material melts, the molten material (PE/PET) forms a barrier at and around the melt. This barrier, in turn, establishes a boundary where the fire cannot spread out because the molten PE/PET fills the voids between the particulate material of the filler, which in turn blocks the source of the flame, thus extinguishing the fire and spreading the fire.

  According to the above improvements, the artificial turf system will result in a significant improvement in flame retardant properties and properties.

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