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How to maintain the leisure artificial turf

  For casual artificial turf, if we choose flame retardant, the first thing is not to have any adverse effects on our artificial turf, its other characteristics and the quality of its products. In addition, it is also relatively good for its compatibility, and it can be dispersed evenly in our artificial grass. Its third flame retardant is also relatively environmentally friendly and does not release harmful substances.

  In addition, for the artificial turf flame retardant, it is actually that we can prevent the safety of life and property in daily life, and it can be well prevented for fire and fire.

  The landscape artificial turf is fire retardant and will extinguish itself after the fire. That is to say, when the artificial grass is exposed to an open flame, the burning rate drops sharply until it is self-extinguishing, and the whole piece does not burn. There is no damage caused by fire during use. The flame retardancy is tested by the Swiss SGS Flame Retardant Testing Agency and the National Sporting Goods Quality Supervision and Testing Center.

  Kindergarten simulation of turf has great advantages and will undoubtedly be used more and more widely. The recommendation and opening of the green grass by the authoritative organizations and sports departments of the international football community have promoted the popularization of artificial grassland in hot areas, alpine regions and those countries and regions where economic conditions are not suitable for planting natural grasses. condition.

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