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Roof green landscape artificial turf

  There are certain requirements for the load-bearing of the roof. Planting flowers on the roof must lay a layer of soil for its growth, and if it is set up, it will be heavier. On the one hand, most roofs do not take into account the load-bearing capacity required for roof greening at the beginning of the building; on the other hand, increasing the load-bearing means that the cost increases and many developers are not willing to pay such a fee.

  There is a possibility of damage to the waterproof layer of the roof. Generally, the daily irrigation and fertilization necessary for the growth of flowers and plants. If the roof is infiltrated by water for a long time, and there are some corrosive substances in the fertilizer, it is very likely that the waterproof layer will be damaged. At the same time, since the waterproof layer is covered under the grass and soil, if leakage is formed, it is difficult to repair.

  It is not necessary to worry about roof greening with landscape artificial turf. It can be directly paved on the roof without additional load-bearing; it will not cause damage to the waterproof layer, but also play a certain protective role; The problems of pests and diseases and post-maintenance are always green without any management, and natural rainwater can be cleaned.

  For the mesh lawn, the grass fiber of the monofilament artificial turf is relatively thin, the degree of bionics is higher, and the structure is closer to the natural turf. With the continuous development of the economy and the rapid improvement of people's living standards, the more the monofilament lawn has been The more you appear on the sports field, the more athletic performance is recognized.

  Natural turf is not flammable, and artificial turf is made of polyethylene or polypropylene. There are only carbon and hydrogen elements in the molecular chain. It is easy to discharge and cause a fire in high temperature, heat, and discharge. Its limiting oxygen index is only 17.4. There are major security risks. Although it can be alleviated to some extent by adding flame retardant, there are also many drawbacks. For example, adding BPA will increase the stimulating odor of the raw material; adding aliphatic halogen flame retardant will cause precipitation and the like. At present, the use of flame retardants will lead to a decline in the physical and mechanical properties and electrical properties of the original product.

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