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How to splice the joints of artificial grass turf construction

  How to splice the joints of artificial grass turf construction?

  1. Spread the artificial grass turf in sequence according to the determined position, pay attention to the consistency of the lodging direction of the grass filaments, and overlap the white line position on the lawn with the drawn line; when the actual situation cannot overlap, it should be cut off and used; usually a single white line The grass is cut to about 12 cm wide for use. The seams of the green grass usually overlap by two to three centimeters to facilitate trimming and make the seams as seamless as possible.

  2. Arrange the joints in the middle under the lawn joints, open the lawn, choose the special glue for artificial lawn, scrape the glue with a spatula to make it evenly stick to the seam cloth, be careful not to stick to the grass silk, dry until 89% Dry, and then press the lawn on the joint cloth. To ensure adhesion, use a rubber hammer or seam compactor for bonding and compaction.

  3. After the splicing is completed, carefully check whether the joints are flat and firm to eliminate hidden dangers.

  In view of the problems of the lawn itself, it is recommended to use 165G base cloth and 50g mesh cloth for the lawn base cloth, which can greatly improve the tensile strength and avoid thermal expansion and cold shrinkage after exposure.

  Special glue for artificial grass turf. Turf paving glue must be a waterproof polyurethane glue with high glue content and high viscosity. Of course, it must be brushed evenly.

  It is recommended that the width of the seam belt is 165G, 20cm or 30cm, because the tensile strength of the 165G base cloth + 50g styrene butadiene rubber latex lawn mesh cloth is greater than 300g, otherwise it will crack and reach the tensile strength.

  To sum up, the above is the main content of how to deal with fake grass turf joints. It is best to do a little more at the joint, about half a centimeter or about three millimeters. The seams of the artificial grass turf can also be overlapped by 2-3cm. Use a mowing knife to cut from the center of the overlap to make the lawn on both sides as compact as possible, and then trim with a paper knife, taking care not to damage the grass filaments.

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