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Signs of aging and repair of artificial turf

  As the use time extends, the artificial turf will gradually deteriorate. In this process, we can make judgments in advance through some phenomena and repair them in time. So, what are the signs of aging artificial turf?

  First of all, we can see that the rubber filled in the artificial turf becomes hard. This is because as time goes by, the packed layer sinks, the particles settle and compress into a thick layer. This wear process can be reduced to a small amount through proper maintenance. The rubber itself will harden over time, which will seriously reduce the sports performance of the lawn. If the fiber is still in good condition at this time, it is a good choice to repair it again. And if the fibers have worn out, the stadium needs to be remodeled.

  Secondly, during the use of artificial turf, the fiber and filling rubber are the parts that are susceptible to abrasion. If the fibers of the lawn become loose or broken, it means that the lawn has been used up, which will reduce the density of the pile and the length and thickness of the fibers. In addition, the obvious deformation of the foundation is also a manifestation of aging. This way, when walking or running on the lawn, you will feel less comfortable than before.

  In addition, if the artificial turf is used for a long time, the lines may become loose. This is usually due to the non-professional nature of the device, and the white lines and seams are likely to become loose or broken. If it is properly adhered, the life of the joint should be as long as the life of the lawn field.

  For the above phenomena, we can take appropriate measures to repair them, so that the artificial turf can continue to be used. Under normal circumstances, restoration can extend the life of artificial turf for several years. The restoration work involves brushing or blowing off the padding rubber in the lawn, and then applying new rubber. Laying new rubber padding made the grass fibers re-established, and water can seep into the lawn normally.

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