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Joint splicing of artificial turf construction

Joint splicing of artificial turf construction

1. Spread the artificial turf in order according to the established position, pay attention to the direction of the lodging of the grass, and overlap the position of the white line on the lawn with the line; if it cannot be overlapped due to the actual situation, cut it off and use it; Separate white grass is generally cut to a width of about 12 cm for use. The joints of the green grass will generally overlap two or three centimeters, which is easy to trim so that the joints are as seamless as possible.

2. Arrange the joints in the middle of the bottom of the lawn joints, open the turf, use the special glue for the artificial turf, scrape the glue with a scraper to make it evenly adhere to the joint cloth, and do not stick to the grass. Dry to eighty-nine percent dry, then press the turf on the seaming cloth. To ensure the adhesion, you can use rubber hammer or joint compactor to compact.

3. After the splicing is completed, carefully check whether the joints are flat, the adhesion is firm, and the hidden dangers are eliminated.

In addition to filling the football grass, the artificial grass of the football field needs to be filled with quartz sand and rubber particles. The filling of the granules generally requires a special machine. While sanding, the surface is flattened with a self-contained brush so that it can spread evenly on the surface of the grass. After filling, check the flatness and whether there are any omissions, and repair and fill in time.

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