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Selection of artificial turf backing

  Adhesive is an important part of the quality of artificial turf. At the same time, the price of adhesive is one of the important reasons for the difference in the price of artificial turf. If imported adhesive is used, its price and ordinary artificial turf adhesive The difference can be as high as $1,000 or more per ton.

  We all know that the quality of artificial turf mainly depends on the grass and the backing. Although the adhesive part is pressed at the bottom, we can't see it, but because the artificial turf has a large area, long time and high frequency, if it is used, Good or even unqualified adhesives will definitely cause harmful effects in the long run, and will greatly shorten the service life of artificial turf.

  The choice of backing glue can make the artificial turf more durable, greatly improve the drafting force and the stability of the backing glue, and can maintain a relatively good stability when it meets water, so that it will not fall off.

  And the experiment proves that the good adhesive, after boiling at 70 degrees Celsius, will still not affect the use. Inferior artificial turf gum will affect the service life after encountering hot water. At the same time, the Chinese people have a misconception about the adhesive, and the harder the better the adhesive, but in fact the hard adhesive is easy to fall off or break during use, which is not conducive to the extraction force of the grass.

  If the quality of the artificial turf is not guaranteed, such artificial turf is not suitable for purchase and use. In addition to the stickiness, the adhesive needs to ensure that the environmental performance is not up to standard, and if the environmental performance is not up to standard, It is not recommended for everyone to buy or use. The long-term use of such unqualified products may cause harm to the body.

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