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Kindergarten artificial turf can replace natural grass

  Kindergarten artificial turf: environmental protection and safety; kindergarten artificial turf is made of food-grade raw materials (polyethylene), non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and can be recycled and reused to achieve environmental protection and pollution-free.

  Kindergarten artificial turf: the cost is reasonable; if it is natural grass, planting and maintenance require a lot of money (post-fertilization, cutting, watering, etc.), and the artificial turf is laid to save these costs, just need to simply lay it Use, there is no high requirement for the basic ground, but it is maintenance-free in the later stage. It only needs to be cleaned up or rinsed directly with water. The cost is much lower than natural grass.

  Kindergarten artificial turf: durable and wearable; kindergarten children's nature is lively and active, so the use of lawn is very high, if laying natural grass, it is estimated that the ground is smooth in a week, but the artificial turf is completely different, generally The kindergarten artificial turf is a C-type leisure grass with 30mm grass height. The silk silk is very smooth and has a good protection for children's skin and will not scratch the skin. Moreover, the turf has high density and good wear resistance, and the service life is generally between 5-8 years.

  Kindergarten artificial turf: various forms; everyone knows that children are more sensitive to color, kindergarten artificial turf can be used with a variety of colors of grass, with two colors, three colors, four colors, etc.; can also be customized according to the pattern .

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