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Kindergarten artificial turf renovation

  Kindergarten artificial turf is widely used and applied. Over time, the artificial turf will face replacement and renovation after it reaches the service life. As the saying goes, the repair is more difficult than the new site. What problems and precautions will be encountered in a site renovation process?

  First, refurbishment means dismantling the old ones and replacing them with new ones. Then the first step is to dismantle, this is the key link. The first thing to pay attention to during the demolition process is not to damage the original foundation. The foundation is generally cement, asphalt, or other lime soil cushion. During the installation process, the lawn is bonded to the ground or joint tape or non-woven fabric through adhesive. In the process of dismantling, use tools to remove the lawn and the joint layer. Do not smash the foundation.

  Second, pay attention to handling and cleaning up the old turf. The old materials are absolutely unusable. After many years of use, the old materials have already lost their inherent properties, and they are filled with dust and other dirty things.

  Third, the dismantled materials are in tons. Therefore, in the quotation process, we must fully consider that when many novices go to the venue, they look at the lawns of the venues that are close to being bald. There will be less garbage to clean up, which is not the case.

  Fourth, before paving a new artificial turf, be sure to clean up the site. It is best to rinse it with water if necessary. Clean up the dust on the site and then start the paving.

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