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Leisure artificial turf

Leisure artificial turf is increasingly used in office greening, hotel greening planning, courtyard landscape and so on.

From the use of indoor leisure artificial turf, artificial turf has a comparative advantage over natural turf. Taking the leisure artificial turf in the hotel as an example, the guests who live in the hotel mostly travel and travel, and the artificial turf is always green, which allows the guests to visually reach a relaxed after a day of fatigue. The situation and the natural turf that is dry in autumn and winter can not do this. Among high-end hotels, indoor golf courses are one of the must-have entertainment venues;

Natural golf lawns have extremely high demands on soil and moisture, and ordinary shoes may hurt the turf. It is necessary for special golf shoes to be worn. The artificial turf has a super wear-resistant function, no request for shoes, long service life, no need to entangle the soil, moisture and so on. Its outstanding sports function allows guests to play golf at any time without having to suffer. Constrain to any place. It can be seen from the above points that it is most suitable to lay artificial artificial artificial turf indoors.

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