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Artificial turf environmental judgment method

Firstly, the environmental protection of the artificial turf can be judged from the grass. The grass of the environmentally-friendly artificial turf is usually made of high-quality dilute hydrocarbon polymer, and is added with high-temperature resistant masterbatch and processing aid without heavy metal. . Since several raw materials are single, the quality can be well controlled, and such lawns do not cause irritation to the skin during use and do not pose a hazard to the environment.

Most of the grasses that are not environmentally friendly artificial turf are used because of unidentified or unqualified recycled materials. Because the sources of recycled materials are generally complicated, they contain many different kinds of additives, which are easy to use after multiple processing. Reacts or cleaves, causing damage to the human body and the environment.

Secondly, the bottom is also the basis for judging the environmental protection of artificial turf. At present, there are not many manufacturers of artificial turf fabrics with large scale. They all have relevant qualification certificates. The quality and environmental protection are relatively reliable, and basically there will be no environmental problems. Of course, it is made of environmentally friendly artificial turf. The materials produced by some informal manufacturers cannot be guaranteed.

There are three main types of backing glues commonly used in artificial turf, which are a mixture of Ding Ben latex, polyurethane, Ding Ben latex and polyurethane. How to choose the backing glue will also determine the environmental protection of artificial turf. In general, polyurethane is only required to be used.

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