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Maintenance measures for artificial turf football field

  Maintenance measures for artificial turf football field

  1. Daily cleaning of the lawn. In daily use, clean the leaves and debris on the surface of the lawn in time to keep the lawn clean and flat. For cleaning, use equipment such as fans and washing machines.

  2. Comb grass. Use the lawn comb to regularly comb the lawn, keep the lawn upright, restore the lawn elasticity, and prevent the lawn from being trampled out due to long-term use.

  3. Fill the colloidal particles. According to the situation of the lawn, the colloidal particles are regularly filled, and the combing is smoothed after filling to keep the lawn smooth and elastic.

  4. Watering. When the lawn is used in the summer, use water to cool and remove dust before use.

  Found that turf cracking should be dealt with in time

  Check for cracks. Regularly check the adhesion of the lawn, check the edges and joints of the lawn carpet for cracks or cracks, and repair them in time to ensure the safety of the players.

  Rational use of artificial turf football field

  1. Use intensity. Artificial turf is more powerful than natural turf and can be used for one day. The intensity should be controlled at 14-35 hours per week.

  Cleaning the lawn with a hairdryer

  2. Sports shoes. Spike shoes with loose nails and cloth soccer shoes, if wearing leather soccer shoes, studs with plastic nails, short nails.

  3. Protection training. In daily training, pay attention to the protection of each area. The target often changes its position and the pitch adjusts its direction.

  The cost of an artificial turf football field is not lower than that of a natural turf football field. Effective maintenance and scientific use not only create a comfortable and safe training environment for children, but also extend the life of the site, thus saving economic costs.

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