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Performance of integrated development of artificial turf

Golden Moon Artificial turf and natural turf are completely different products, but with the improvement and improvement of artificial turf manufacturing materials, weaving process, filling materials, etc., artificial turf can be comparable with natural turf, and even in some respects than natural turf Better.

Good ecological environment, landscaping, ideal outdoor venues, and these are closely related to the lawn. Therefore, the needs of human society are the driving force behind the development of the artificial turf industry.

Human beings have an inseparable relationship with the Golden Moon lawn because human beings were born in the savanna, and the lawn also provided the necessary conditions for the emergence of society. As an important part of the modern human living environment and modern civilization, the lawn is the protector of the ecological environment. However, due to the shortcomings of natural turf in some aspects, and the advantages of artificial turf is very obvious, the occupation rate of artificial turf in the industry is getting higher and higher. Correspondingly, the application of artificial turf also brings different experiences to people.

The development of the artificial turf industry is based on the growing needs of the society. From the current point of view, it has already demonstrated the turf establishment and engineering, the urban turf green space allocation aesthetics, the turf environment ecologicalization, the Golden Moon turf style culture, and the turf industry management. Economic and other characteristics.

All in all, the development direction of artificial turf will be developed from the main content of a single turf establishment and management technology management to a diversified, comprehensive and applicable forward exhibition.

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