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What are the requirements for the ground on the Golden Moon kindergarten lawn?

The laying of Golden Moon kindergarten lawns requires very little foundation and ground, and only needs to be hardened and leveled. The new garden needs to compact the soil base layer, use cement or concrete to make a layer of cover and level it. As long as the foundation will not collapse, the cement surface has a slight drainage slope, which is the same as the general cement floor. Update the garden such as the in-situ terrazzo, as long as the whole tile is guaranteed to be flat, the bricks are not loose, and there is no hard corners to directly lay the lawn on it. If the original plastic site, as long as the overall flat can also be laid directly, but considering the plastic non-environmental factors, the plastic within three years is best to eradicate, re-cover with cement. The sand land and the slope of the soil can also be directly paved, but when it rains, the mud water easily sees up from the vent hole of the lawn, which is not conducive to cleaning.

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