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Prerequisite characteristics of kindergarten artificial turf

  Kindergarten artificial turf includes: special grass, special color runway grass, stitching pattern grass. The special artificial turf for kindergarten has the advantages of special design, low cost of use, convenient maintenance, environmental protection and safety, beautiful appearance and strong adaptability. It covers and replaces the traditional plastic and PVC paving materials. Compared with ordinary artificial turf, it has stronger targeting and better adaptability to kindergarten.

  1. Safe and environmentally friendly, with strong flame retardancy. The kindergarten-specific lawn is made of environmentally-friendly materials. It has very strong flame retardancy and does not contain heavy metals. It fundamentally prevents children from being harmed by formaldehyde and various radiation substances.

  2. Healthy and clean, strong bacteriostatic strong turf grass for kindergartens all use new materials, no added renewable materials. Treated with a special UV layer, it can be anti-fouling, anti-bacterial, anti-static, non-dusting, and easy to clean. Even if the child crawls on the lawn, the skin does not need to worry too much when it comes into contact with the lawn.

  3. Design science and comfortable use. The kindergarten-specific lawn uses a unique ergonomic structure, which is soft and comfortable, greatly reducing the pressure caused by standing for the back, legs and ankles for a long time, and has a great buffering effect on accidental falls.

  4. Advanced technology and strong pull-out force. The unique craftsmanship of the artificial turf and the high grass height of 20 create the strong pull-out force of the lawn, preventing the safety problems such as child weeding and eating.

  5. Durable and resistant to aging. Generally, the turf has been used for more than five years, and the powdery objects are prone to cause respiratory diseases in children. The artificial turf uses high-quality raw materials, and has been specially treated to solve the problems in this area, and has superior anti-aging properties.

  6. Beautiful appearance and help grow. The artificial turf is a combination of patterned grass and green grass. Various cartoon characters, flowers, birds and worms are on the grass. The children's cognitive, identification and exploration ability has been nurtured, cultivated and improved in the subtle.

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