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Pros and cons of artificial turf

  Identifying the advantages and disadvantages of mesh grass can be from two aspects, one is time and the other is temperature. Inferior grasses are prone to split ends when used for a long time, and the grasses fall off and stick to the clothes like wool. Of course, the mesh lawn with excellent craftsmanship will be durable and not easy to split and fall off. After inferior mesh-like artificial turf, it will emit a pungent odor, and the grass is very hot and easy to break.

  Of course, whether it is a mesh or a monofilament artificial turf, it can be distinguished from its appearance, specifications, density, weight and performance of the grass. The performance cannot be discerned by the naked eye. Therefore, when selecting artificial turf, Need to refer to the relevant qualifications provided by artificial turf manufacturers. In addition to straw, the base fabric and adhesive used by artificial turf manufacturers are also a vital part of the artificial turf. Consumers need to recognize the relevant qualifications when purchasing, so that they can purchase with confidence.

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