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  In many modern sports fields, sports artificial turf is widely used, and it is very popular in many schools and sports fields. Artificial turf is also a common material on most football fields. There are generally two kinds of sports artificial turf materials: polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE).

  How to choose sports artificial turf?

  When choosing a sports artificial turf, a higher fiber material (usually 25×50 mm) should be used. Of course, PE artificial turf or PE/PP mixed material sports artificial turf can also be used. In the construction of sports artificial turf stadium When choosing the height of sports artificial turf, the overall budget of the stadium should be considered. The construction and maintenance costs of higher sports artificial turf are relatively high.

  The advantages of sports artificial turf

  Sports artificial turf has the characteristics of wide application range, high density and durability, and its performance and advantages have been widely recognized. Sports artificial turf adopts a clustered weaving structure, the bottom of the first layer is woven with polypropylene material, and the bottom of the second layer is coated with professional glue to ensure the strength and durability of the product. It is currently the highest density lawn on the market, suitable for baseball fields, football fields, football fields, hockey fields, softball fields, track and field fields and other sports fields. It is also an ideal lawn for indoor and outdoor activities such as sports fields, practice fields, physical education classes, and military training.

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