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  If you want to lay a lawn on the roof terrace, it is best to choose a dedicated artificial roof lawn. This kind of lawn is not only bright in color, but also rich in types, which can play a pleasant visual function.

  The artificial roof turf also has a high degree of simulation and good durability. Of course, this kind of artificial roof lawn can be used not only on the roof, but also on the outdoor ground, or laying on the wall for decoration, the effect is very ideal.

  Precautions for laying artificial roof lawn:

  The greening and paving of artificial roof turf must be within the load bearing capacity of the building roof. If the load is not up to the standard, then it violates the principle of architecture; it is also necessary to consider the roof drainage and wind direction, and the roof greening must ensure that there are drainage outlets. The roof drain problem cannot be ignored because the artificial turf is drainable. The wind direction is considered to prevent the artificial roof turf from being blown off by the strong wind.

  At the same time, the artificial roof lawn needs to use artificial turf glue. The glue does not need to be applied to the entire lawn, only the edges. The artificial roof lawn will not affect the roof drainage system after installation. If the roof has steps or shapes, the glue should be thicker, especially at the joints.

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