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The necessity of controlling the height of artificial turf grass

  There is no significant relationship between the density, quality and height of artificial turf, but they will all determine the grade and price of artificial turf. Generally speaking, the higher the quality of the artificial turf, the higher the price, and the more materials that need to be used, the better in terms of comfort and aesthetics.

  At the same time, the lower the height of the artificial turf, that is, the shorter the grass, the lower the aesthetics and comfort. However, it does not mean that the higher the height of the artificial turf, the better it will be, depending on which type of grass is used. For example, if the straight grass is too high in height, it is prone to lodging.

  After years of experience, it is more appropriate to control the height of artificial turf at 2cm. In this case, both straightness and economy are good. Artificial turf that is too high or too low will not be good. Carry out sports.

  Artificial turf is suitable for all seasons and is consistent throughout performance and appearance. It is also good in straightness and aesthetics, better upgrade the grade of the artificial turf, beauty and comfort. Therefore, as long as it does not increase its height and increase the simulated turf, artificial turf has a good effect.

  Moreover, the artificial turf also incorporates a stabilizer for ultraviolet rays, so that it can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays from causing damage to the fibers of the grass, ensuring the performance of the movement and the brilliance of the color, and prolonging the service life thereof.

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