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Why are there artificial silk rips or ruptures?

  The problem of the site stripping in the artificial turf is actually caused by the unevenness of the bottom back squeegee or because the squeegee process is not mature or because the grass wear resistance is relatively low. Especially for young athletes, when the site is stripped, it is actually a health that often affects itself.

  When the artificial turf grass is found to be not bright enough, it is actually because the frictional electrostaticity is relatively strong. In the case of Fang Min, it is actually a phenomenon of stagnation. For its anti-static performance and brightness is actually a key link in the artificial turf products competition, in this respect, it is actually related to the scratch coefficient of the product itself and its final exercise effect.

  The evaluation of good and bad, in fact, will be the same as other products. First of all, we must pay attention to the selection of a series of raw materials such as straws and linings, and a series of post-treatment processes such as squeegee. Not particularly mature and stable.

  When the artificial turf directly fades after the sun shines, and the artificial turf is unevenly fading, in terms of its stability under ultraviolet light and its color fastness, it is actually a direct evaluation. An important indicator is precisely because of its own importance, we should also pay attention when buying and using.

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