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Judging the quality performance index of artificial turf

  The artificial turf seems to be not much different from the natural turf on the surface. However, what is really needed to distinguish and judge in reality is the specific performance of the two. This is also the starting point for the birth of artificial turf.

  Now with the continuous improvement of the level of artificial turf, people are paying more and more attention to the actual performance of artificial turf.

  There are two criteria for evaluating the artificial grass turf grass: one is the fineness of the artificial turf grass, and the second is the diameter of the artificial turf fiber. One criterion is that the higher the quality of the straw fiber, the better the quality of the product. That is to say, the more the number of single-layered grasses, the better the quality of the artificial turf grass. The second criterion is the diameter of the fiber, which is generally calculated using um, typically between 50 and 150 um. Of course, the larger the diameter of the fiber, the better. Such a lawn is not easy to be damaged, wear-resistant, and has a thick feeling. However, the fiber diameter is very small and it is almost difficult to measure. Therefore, FIFA requires the weight of the fiber to be judged. The higher the quality of the fiber and the mass per unit length, the better the quality of the grass.

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